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Video surveillance Cologne and Germany

We place video surveillance systems in Cologne and Germany for your security:

Video surveillance cameras protect objects and monitor them reliably. With effective video surveillance, you increase your security and well-being.
A video surveillance system consists of a compact recorder (digital recorder DVR / NVR) and powerful surveillance cameras or high-resolution IP cameras. Thanks to camera surveillance, you always have everything in view in your private and commercial premises, properties, production facilities or commercial areas. You are always on the safe side with the innovative and high-quality systems for video surveillance from well-known IP cameras in full HD (megapixel) surveillance cameras from manufacturers such as Geutebrück, Avigilon, Axis, Mobotix and CBC.

As a company based in Cologne and Germany, video surveillance systems can be set up according to your needs and wishes.

That is why we are happy to give you expert advice on which video surveillance measures are sensible and recommendable for you. Of course, we will not only help you with the planning of video surveillance equipment, but also with the installation or setting of your IP camera. If you use recording devices with automatic motion detection and ring storage for video surveillance, you can save and evaluate your video data in a flexible, long-term and scalable manner. In combination with intelligent video management software, you can achieve precise video monitoring of security-relevant areas.
We would be happy to advise you in detail about the various possibilities of a video surveillance system and many other areas of modern security technology.


The number of burglaries has risen by a third in the past five years. The victims are comparatively often at home during the crime. In around 20 percent of the cases, a resident was present during the break-in, according to the 2015 break-in report of the German Insurance Association (GDV). When a victim was at home, there was direct contact with the perpetrator in every fifth case – and then in every seventh case the perpetrator exercised violence.

On the other hand, the psychological effect of a break-in has a stronger effect than the direct encounter. In the survey by the Criminological Research Institute in Hanover for the GDV, 46,5 percent of those affected stated that they still felt unsafe in their familiar surroundings a year after the crime.
Every fourth person said they wanted to move to a different apartment after a break. One in ten actually moved.
In total, the German insurance industry suffered losses of 490 million euros last year. The average damage was the same as last year at 3250 euros. Video surveillance.

Video surveillance for all areas

All areas can be monitored by video surveillance. This can be private homes, vacation homes, garages, parking lots and even schools and daycare centers. In addition, unpleasant visitors to construction sites are deterred by the presence of video surveillance. At petrol stations or in many commercial areas, this type of monitoring prevents theft or even crime.

Pets can also benefit from another use of surveillance. If you have to leave your pets alone for a few hours, you can use video surveillance to see exactly what your darling is doing at home. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have in Cologne and Germany and the surrounding area and help you to find the right surveillance system.

Which criteria have to be considered?

Today’s standard allows video surveillance to be used wirelessly or wired. The advantage of wireless systems is that they can be moved flexibly. When moving, the system is simply dismantled and installed in the new area. In wired systems, the units are permanently connected to the base, which prevents possible failures.

This video surveillance is still active even in the event of a power failure. Let us advise you in Cologne and Germany and the surrounding area which system is suitable for your requirements. Our experts will be happy to visit you in Cologne and Germany and the surrounding area to see the exact conditions. In this way you can say exactly which video surveillance and, above all, how many cameras are well-founded for your requirements.

Don't give burglars and thieves a chance in Cologne and Germany

Video surveillance discourages many uninvited intruders. If a break-in does occur, the course of events can be documented and the intruder convicted. Alleged representatives or fraudsters can be identified and convicted on the basis of the records. Or do you suspect that your employees are always taking something away? Even then, a surveillance system for convicting the perpetrator comes into question.

Entrance areas, patio doors, balcony doors, back doors or even windows can be monitored by video surveillance and unwanted intrusion by strangers can be prevented. We would also be happy to advise you on what you can improve in the area of security. Use our wide range of services in Cologne and Germany and the surrounding area to protect your belongings.

Modern systems for surveillance in Cologne and Germany the surrounding area

Shaky images, unclear vision, hardly anything to be seen at night, or a large number of video tapes are now a thing of the past. The standard is digital images with optimal high resolution. The data can easily be saved in the cloud or on the PC. Access from your smartphone allows ideal monitoring even if you are not in Cologne and Germany.

While large systems were previously required, video surveillance is now rather inconspicuous. Some of the cameras are tiny and cannot be seen by other people. In this way it can be prevented that the video surveillance can be deactivated due to damage. We are at your side to advise you in Cologne and Germany and the surrounding area at any time. In addition, we install the monitoring system professionally in Cologne and the surrounding area and adapt it to your requirements.

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