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Video intercoms in Cologne and Germany for your security

It is 22 p.m., the doorbell rings and you have no idea who is bothering you so late in the evening. With discomfort, consider opening. The view out of the window does not reveal anyone. Now at the latest, the advantages of video door entry systems are self-evident. Because with that you can easily see who is in front of your door. A video intercom is used for your personal safety as well as that of your neighbors. Even in business areas such as the office, video door entry systems are beneficial.

There are optimally suitable video intercoms for every need. We as Specialized electrician in Cologne and Germany we will be happy to advise you which model is suitable for your requirements. We provide video intercoms including their professional installation in Cologne and Germany and the surrounding area. Do not hesitate any longer to protect your family or employees from unwelcome visitors.

What are video door entry systems?

Most households are equipped with simple intercom systems that allow you to ask who is at the door at the push of a button. The disadvantage of these models is that they only allow acoustic signals. With a video intercom you can also communicate with the visitor at the push of a button and see them directly. For this purpose, video intercoms are provided with a monitor that is installed in the entrance area of ​​your apartment. There is a camera on the intercom that is aimed at the entrance area of ​​the house or property. This way you can see at a glance who is looking for you.

A video intercom system also provides a clear view at night. This is done using a special infrared technology. Video intercoms give you an enormous feeling of security. We have a wide range of video intercoms from well-known manufacturers and advise you in Cologne and Germany and the surrounding area which options are suitable for you.

First-class quality video intercoms

The models have a display and can be controlled from a PC and smartphone. You can access the system from the comfort of your sofa, office or bedroom. We place the highest demands on the manufacturers of video intercom systems. A clean, clear image resolution, optimal sound properties and low noise levels are just some of the technical capabilities that our video intercom systems have. Let our team in Cologne and Germany advise you and make an appointment today.

In addition to the quality of the devices themselves, functions and timeless design are also in the foreground. Your specialist trade from Cologne and Germany will also advise you on the optics of the video systems. In addition to high-tech models, we have a wide range for the small budget with optimal functions tailored to your needs. Your investment in a video intercom is for your safety and should have the longest possible service life. As a master craftsman in Cologne and Germany, we would be happy to advise you.

Video intercom functionality

A wide detection angle is an ideal addition to video door entry systems. This describes what kind of area is covered by the camera and which area you can see. Modern video intercom systems have a movable camera that can be swiveled vertically and horizontally up to a certain angle. In this way, thanks to the wide detection angle, you can also recognize people who are not directly in front of the camera. We would be happy to inform you which options are suitable for you in Cologne and Germany.

Are you not at home and still want to know what has happened in your entrance area? Then a video intercom with image storage is recommended. These models recognize movements by themselves and trigger the image function. You won’t miss a second via the PC or a message on your smartphone. Use our services in Cologne and Germany and the surrounding area for your safety.

Security for everyone

It’s about your safety and that of your family or employees. Therefore, you should take your time when choosing a video door entry system. We will be happy to advise you in Cologne and Germany on the various areas of application and will not force you to make an immediate purchase decision. You can calmly let everything go through your head. When making a purchase decision, we are happy to assist you with our range of services in Cologne and Germany the surrounding area. In a household with children or if you are often on a business trip, video intercoms keep the rest of the family safe. Video door entry systems also provide protection and security for the elderly. A quick look at the display and you can see whether there is a stranger or friends in front of the door.

Whether for companies, large blocks of flats, apartment buildings or single households with a video intercom system, strangers are denied access there. Especially in Cologne and Germany there is a lot going on in the evenings and everyone could want to gain access to your rooms. Prevent this by taking advantage of our offer. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about security and the use of various video intercoms.

Our range of services in Cologne and Germany and the surrounding area

We have been active in the security sector for more than 30 years. We know exactly what the requirements are and what is important. Protection and security are a big issue nowadays. It is our aim to give you a feeling of security. We only work with well-known manufacturers who meet our quality requirements. Because only with first-class quality is optimal use and service life of the devices guaranteed. We will be happy to advise you and take over the installation of the models at the desired time. Well trained staff is prepared for every situation and takes over all steps from planning to installation in Cologne and Germany. Contact us today and let us advise you in detail.

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