DGUV V3 examination

Professional and legally secure DGUV V3 exam in Cologne and Germany

The test according to DGUV V3 is a mandatory requirement for accident prevention. This provision applies to all electrical equipment in companies and public institutions such as schools.

What is being checked?

The checking electrical devices and systems include all stationary and mobile equipment. Examples are fuse boxes, sockets, drills and EDP technology. The statutory accident insurance prescribes this DGUV V3 test in Cologne and Germany before commissioning, after technical changes and at certain time intervals. The time intervals depend on the respective hazard class of the equipment.

Who is allowed to carry out the DGUV V3 exam?

In the Industrial Safety Ordinance, the legislator stipulates that only qualified persons with specialist knowledge may carry out these tests. We as established Specialized electrician in Cologne and Germany do this for you! Our trained employees guarantee compliance with all regulations of DGUV regulation 3 as well as the detailed implementation regulations. If you engage us long-term for the DGUV V3 exam in Cologne and Germany, we will inform you in good time about the next upcoming inspection.

DGUV V3 exam in Cologne and Germany: This is how it works

The implementation regulations for the DGUV V3 test specify precisely how a control must be carried out. Our specialists start their inspection with a visual inspection during which they identify defective cables, among other things. In the second step, the insulation resistance is measured. Then our experienced technicians devote themselves to an extensive functional test. The type of DGUV V3 test in Cologne and Germany differs depending on the equipment and hazard class. This check serves the same goal for all devices, machines and systems: We guarantee optimal occupational safety and, with our meticulously documented DGUV V3 test in Cologne and Germany, ensure that you as a company or public institution are not liable in the event of an accident at work.

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