Lighting systems

Lighting systems Cologne and Germany: installation and maintenance

Indoor and outdoor lighting

Contrary to what may have been assumed, the lighting systems both inside a building and outside a facility place extremely high demands on the technology to be used. The need for advice can be classified as very high here. Both the consumption of energy and the current standards on the subject of safety require conscientious assessment and attention by experts.
In the field of lighting systems and lighting systems, our electricians offer you high-quality planning, advice, construction and modernization and, of course, tailor everything to your individual requirements.

Customized lighting for your occupational safety

Right from the start, you should observe the specified regulations and standards when planning your lighting systems and lighting systems. These are prescribed by law and thus show you the best way to safely illuminate your buildings and systems. Because depending on the field of application, different guidelines on occupational safety apply. Uniformly regulated lighting – the DIN lighting – specifies the strength, uniform distribution and shape of light sources for lighting systems and lighting systems.

These specifications are particularly important for you when it comes to issues such as process changes in production or the redesign of existing buildings. Because the existing lighting systems and lighting systems have to be adapted to the new conditions. The protection of your employees is the top priority when it comes to successful production. Here we stand you as Cologne and Germany electrician advising and helping you to keep track of things.

Lighting planning

Adaptation of existing lighting systems to new conditions

What exactly does the new construction or conversion of your system have for you? What exactly do you have to pay attention to in your lighting systems? In order to be able to advise you effectively, you should already have a certain idea of ​​how machines, inventory, storage and other items should be distributed in your buildings. With the right lighting systems, you can not only increase the comfort of your employees’ vision, but also save a lot of energy costs. The use of modern lighting systems can be integrated into your system in various forms.
The selection ranges from lighting systems that hang from high above the building ceiling (e.g. for the correct illumination of your assembly line), to rail systems that are provided with lights, to common ceiling lights. We will help you to find out exactly how you can adapt your system to the new local circumstances. We will check with you whether the intensity of the lighting systems should be based on daylight or whether the use of motion detectors appears to be effective in certain areas.

Lighting examples

You are spoiled for choice when it comes to the variety of lighting systems

Even if it seems as simple and therefore attractive as possible to simply use the same means of lighting everywhere for buildings and systems, we strongly advise against it. In some areas, regulations even stipulate which means must be used and which may not be used. In many industries, the use of different light sources is appropriate because very different processes take place here and there. Your employees on the assembly line need different lighting systems than your employees in administration.
The use of different lighting systems should be carefully planned and implemented in order to enable every employee to carry out their work productively. And since we know how difficult it is to keep track of a market that is driven by innovation and therefore very fast-moving, you have come to the right place with our advice. We will help you to find the right lighting systems for your requirements.

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