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The electrical engineering and security company Elektro Paul Neumann has been convincing since 1980 with individual concepts for maximum property protection. The modern security technology from Cologne can therefore be found in numerous buildings all over Europe, such as in Mallorcan fincas. As experienced electricians in Cologne, we also offer complete solutions for your home and your business to ensure pleasant comfort. With us you get functional ones from a single source Electrical service, Smart home installations, Alarm systems and a unique security technology from Cologne. On our homepage we present you numerous references of high-quality residential properties, for which we have designed the complete security technology in Cologne. We only use branded products of the best quality to equip all houses and condominiums. On our homepage you will therefore also find a list of all of our product partners with whom we ensure your safety.

Electrician with user-friendly safety technology in Cologne

From the first consultation on, our electricians are available to you in every phase of your new security technology from Cologne. We offer you a personal service, because we are passionate about arranging all security elements in your city apartment, in your holiday home and in your loft with a view of the Rhine. We will be happy to answer your questions even after all the work has been completed. Electrical engineering master Dirk Woronow has been managing the traditional company since 2010, which has been expanding successfully since the takeover. A sales engineer with over 20 years of professional experience is in charge of the work in the area of ​​security technology from Cologne. Each Projects, which the electrician professionals from Elektro Paul Neumann take over, is carried out on the cutting edge of electrical engineering. We realize your project with innovative technology, reliability and discreet.

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The electrical and security company Paul Neumann has been an innovative company in the electrical and security technology market in Cologne since 1980. Since the takeover in 2010, the company has been led by Mr. Dirk Woronow (master electrical engineer). Originating from the house electrical system, we have proven ourselves in small and medium-sized projects in recent years and have grown steadily, both in terms of personnel and to meet the challenges. Our services include the planning, execution and maintenance of electrotechnical systems. We are also very well positioned in the field of security technology and have a sales engineer with 20 years of professional experience in the field of security technology in-house. We are available to you as a reliable and competent specialist company with our services. In all of our service areas, we are permanently based on the latest technologies with appropriate staff training.

Electro Paul Neumann
Managing director: Dirk Woronow (master electrical engineer)

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