KNX & Smarthome Cologne

KNX building management system:

KNX stands for sophisticated and globally implemented intelligent networking of modern home and building system technology in accordance with EN 50090 and ISO / IEC 14543.

KNX controls all trades and needs-based heating, lighting, blinds, ventilation and security technology.

KNX is installed by one of the more than 11.000 KNX partners in Germany and increases the profitability, security and adaptability of your property.

KNX - The worldwide standard for home and building control technology

smart home:


Smart Home is the generic term for technical processes and systems in living spaces and houses, the focus of which is on increasing the quality of life and living, security and efficient use of energy based on a system of networked and remotely controllable devices and installations as well as automated processes.

Intelligent house control enables media such as smartphones or tablet PCs to control and monitor houses and their automatic processes. Lighting scenes can easily be created and also adapted to the environment, as well as time-controlled. Blinds or shutters can be controlled remotely. Video or alarm systems can be controlled or queried remotely. Status displays are transmitted in the event of changes. The heating control can be set and used efficiently. The whole house can be electrically networked and monitored. The installation can be retrofitted in existing houses without any problems, only a WLAN / Wifi connection, which is required today, is required. It is controlled via a user-friendly APP or software.

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